BOOKING an Appointment

To book a Healing Session in person or by phone,

     Call or Text Joseph: 1 (306) ​716-5584

Email:  [email protected]

 COVID NOTE:  If you have virus symptoms, I can provide a Phone appointment.  Thank you!


DIRECTIONS to Healing Lodge

* At Foam Lake, turn South on Highway 310 beside the La Vista Motel that goes to Ituna.

* Drive 6 miles and turn West on Edmore Road for another 3 miles. 

* On the South side at the top of the hill, you'll see a few flags near an old farm plow painted in rainbow colors. 

* 600 feet from the road, you'll see a brown house and during the warmer months, you will see a large white Teepee.

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Joseph Healer

Phone:​ 1-306-716-5584

Email: [email protected]



The Road Towards My Healing Centre!