• Releasing Emotional and Physical Pain
  • Cleansing and Balancing Energy Field
    Removing Entities, Possessions, Spirit Attachment, Black Medicine
  • House and Geopathic Clearing
  • Distant Healing

Access Interview and Demonstration with Joseph Healer

CBC Interview with
Joseph "Healer" Poirier

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What our customers are saying:

He healed my fibromyalgia instantly on his demo on a stage at a healing expo.


He is amazing, incredible energy healer. In my session, he saw my past life and healed my trauma from the past life and this life time. It is very interesting healing experience, the best I have ever had, so close to the truth.


I am very impressed by his healing ability and healing power since I have been working in metaphysical field and seen many energy healers. I highly recommend his healing sessions and his house clearing.


What our customers are saying

Joseph healed my 13 yr old neck injury, my cracked tailbone and chronic arm pain even though I was very skeptical. I love being pain free!